Recent Changes and Additions to the Site

Date: Change:
August, 1997 Site first constructed; initial articles (Initial Assaults, Jerusalem Plank Road, Wilson's Raid, First Deep Bottom/Crater, Second Deep Bottom) published, but not revised.
Sept. 15, 1997 Peebles Farm/Fort Harrison, First Hatcher's Run, Second Hatcher's Run, Fort Stedman, Beefsteak Raid, and Stony Creek Raid all published in draft form; (semi-)final version of Initial Assaults published; Pamplin Park and Staunton Bridge links added.
Sept. 24, 1997 Final version of Initial Assaults article posted. Sub-links still need to be written.
January, 1998 Final version of Jerusalem Plank Road, Wilson-Kautz Raid, and First Deep Bottom and the Crater written. Sub-links still not done. Maps beginning to appear.
August, 1998 Five Forks and Final Assaults put up in draft form. Beefsteak Raid finished. First Hatcher's Run and Stony Creek Raid finished.
Sept. 18, 1998 Final Assaults and Fort Stedman finished. First map page published. Site awarded four stars by Civil War Interactive.
Sept. 20, 1998 Five Forks finished.