Map of the Hatcher's Run/Five Forks Area

This map is based on part of one found in J.L. Chamberlain's memoir, The Passing of the Armies. It shows the road network and terrain problems that confronted the Federals when operating beyond their left flank against the Confederate lines protecting the Southside Railroad.

The red lines denote the Confederate lines as of the Five Forks campaign (late March, 1865). The main Petersburg lines are off-map to the northeast and east. The Weldon Railroad runs north-south just off the map to the east. The James River is off-map to the north.

To reach this area the Federals had to first march southwest along the Vaughan Road, then turn west or north along one of the connecting roads.

The notation "HR1" marks the approximate location of the First Hatcher's Run fight (late October, 1864); the notation "HR2" marks the approximate location of the Second Hatcher's Run fight (early February, 1865).

During the Five Forks Campaign there was fighting at the Lewis Farm ("LF," sometimes known as the Battle of Quaker Road), and at White Oak Road ("WOR"). The final breakthrough occurred slightly off-map to the northeast; the delaying action at Sutherland Station between Cooke and Miles occurred just barely off-map to the north, along the Claiborne Road.